Studio Gallant

New design agency Studio Gallant looked to me to craft compelling copy to reflect their carefully considered and unique brand for the launch of their new website.

The brief

I was approached by Studio Gallant to help craft their ideas into readable copy that flowed well. They had already spent a long time thinking about the design and feel of their brand, coming up with a unique Victorian theme, and as such had already put together some copy that needed taming.

While their ideas were fantastic, the copy they had come up with had been over-thought and was rambling. They needed copy that was to the point and reflective of their dynamic work. They came to me for my fresh eyes and way with words that would help them get their copy up to scratch.

The process

As Studio Gallant has spent a long time developing their brand messaging, I didn't want to undo any of their hard work, so was careful when reworking their copy to make sure their core values were still at the very heart of their content.

I went through their website, using my "less is more" mantra, and cut down their copy into a digestable format that still reflected the company but was much easier to read.

The result

In addition to on-site copy, I worked with them on creating an easy to read case study format, letting the design do the talking. I've also provided ongoing content support as a proof reader and helped craft their launch emails.

Studio Gallant were very happy with the work I produced, which left them with a fresh set of copy to launch their new service with success. If you need help launching your website or need ongoing content support, get in touch with me today!