I worked full time for social media analytics company Brandwatch for three years where I managed their main website as well as a variety of mini-sites and infographics.

Throughout my career there, the website went through a variety of changes, most notably I spearheaded a project to rebuild the website from the ground up.

The brief

The website hadn’t received a facelift since 2012, and not only was I responsible for overseeing the flagship English website, there were French, German and Spanish versions which were wildly inconsistent with the main website.

The redesign project not only came about to get rid of technical debt and refresh the branding, it was also vital in uniting processes across the organisation, and ensuring there was a consistent tone of voice across all versions of the website.

The approach

I worked with the designers, developers, and wider content team on carrying out a content audit. Many of the site’s core pages were in Wordpress, and many were inaccessible to the public. I worked with the team in removing many of the old unused pages, and updating and migrating any of the pages still in use for campaigns.

The result

The result was that the entire team was a lot clearer on the content that was on the website, it was easier for users to find what they wanted on the website, and the Wordpress setup was better organised.


Further work

In addition to the general management of the Brandwatch website, I also ran a project to create a website for the company’s conference from scratch. The result, the NYK website, allowed the marketing team at Brandwatch to closely keep track of ticket sales as well as update users and customers about the global conference series.


I also worked on the creation of several infographics. Most notably was the Cyberbullying infographic, which was nominated for an Information is Beautiful Award. In partnership with the charity Ditch The Label, data was used from Brandwatch to highlight the severity of online bullying in a visually appealing way.


If you’re looking for someone who can manage your website, or tackle intricate content projects, please get in touch with me and let’s talk about your requirements!